French bulldog sees doppelganger statue at home and instantly attacks it

The French bulldog was not impressed when he found another dog in his home and decided to show it who’s boss, and seemingly didn’t realise it was just a statue

This hilarious video shows the moment a French bulldog spotted an imposter in his living room – and instantly attacked it.

As TeamDogs reports, the pet pooch named King was not impressed when it saw another French bulldog in its home – and was so infuriated that he didn’t seem to notice it wasn’t real.

He ran up to the silver statue and began barking at it before hitting it with his paw, as his amused owners watched on.

The video was uploaded to TikTok and soon it had thousands of views, alongside a slew of comments and laughing face emojis.

One user said: “Oh no! What’s that dog doing in my house!”

Others encouraged the dog to ‘get it’, as another added: “They’re such crazy animals!”

Meanwhile, a Golden Retriever who was born blind doesn’t let her lack of vision stop her getting up to mischief.

So her owner bought a device that would stop her bumping into things.

Lovey, a one-year-old retriever, is blind as a result of hydrocephalus, a brain condition, but still loves to explore in her garden and play with her big dog brothers.

To help prevent injury, her owner bought her a Muffins Halo, which prevents her from having accidents.

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And in other news, a black Labrador puppy is always getting mistaken for a sausage dog due to his “teeny, tiny legs” legs.

Kenny, the eleven-month-old pup, has short legs but the same sized head, body and tail as a growing Labrador.

He was welcomed into his family on the Isle of Wight in November las year, but his owners became concerned a few months later when he began to grow – but his legs didn’t.

Keelin Scholes, 25, said: “He was the runt of the litter and hand reared from six days old because his mum had rejected him.