Woman baffled by mum’s comment at jaguar enclosure while visiting Chester Zoo

The cheeky request left her open-mouthed – but people were left divided, as some felt the request was reasonable, while others agreed that it was unfair comment to make

The beauty of the zoo is that it’s for everyone – who doesn’t enjoy seeing a jaguar or elephant?

Adults go just as starry-eyed for the beauty of nature as kids do.

That said, it seems some visitors do think their tiny tots should take advantage – but it seems not everyone agrees.

Cheshire Live reported on one woman’s recent visit to the park – who was left feeling “upset” by a fellow visitors comments while enjoying the popular tourist attraction.

The woman – who has no children – said she was looking at the jaguars when one pushy mum asked her to move aside for her children.

She said: “I was really looking forward to seeing the jaguars, and fabulously enough, one sat right near where I was walking, so I stopped just in front of the enclosure to admire it.

“I was probably there for about five seconds when everyone started to crowd around, and suddenly this woman came out of the blue and said directly to me ‘Excuse me, coming through – I’ve got kids!’ heavily implying me to move out of the way.

“I was shocked and so just moved straight away, but actually on hindsight I’m quite upset.”

“I don’t have kids, but I have as much right to stand at the front as anyone else, surely?” they added.

“I paid for my ticket and I was only there for a few seconds. If people wait their turn, there is plenty of opportunities for everyone to get a good view.

After asking for advice on Mumsnet, people were divided – as some felt that it was fair to let the children in front.

One person wrote: “Are you only three foot four tall? If you are, then she is being unreasonable. If not, then step back 24 inches and let the children in front see.”

Another added: “Clearly she just was just letting you know her small children would be standing in front of you ( below your line of vision) rather than them just appearing. She was polite, your reaction was bizarre.”

Others also sympathised with the original post: “Some people act like their kids are royalty and everyone else should submit to their desires.

“Everyone is entitled to stand near the front for a while, to enjoy a close of view of the animals, it’s a question of everyone having patience and parents teaching kids that sometimes they need to wait.

“You can’t win with this type of parent though, if you challenged her you’d get called a child hater.”